TANAKA UNIVERSAL / タナカユニバーサル ジャーマントレーナー オリジナル公式ストア


In the 1950s and 1990s, Eastern Europe was home to many shoe manufacturing factories and was known as a military industry during the wartime, producing high quality military training shoes.

私たちタナカユニバーサルは、さまざまな時代背景を乗り越えた後、製靴工場に置き忘れられていた当時の機械や靴の型、ソールやカットナイフなどを復元させ、伝統的な技術を承継した職人の、靴作りへの情熱を大切に受け継ぎながら、歴史や文化のエッセンスと現代のファッションとモードを融合させた靴作り(リプロダクション オブ クラシックシューズ)を行っています。

After overcoming various backgrounds, Tanaka Universal restored the machines and shoe molds, soles, cut knives, etc. of those days that were left behind in a shoe factory, and the shoes of craftsmen who succeeded to traditional techniques While carefully inheriting his passion for making,(REPRODUCTION OF CLASSIC SHOES) we make shoes that combine the essence of history and culture with modern fashion and fashion.



In the past, we designed and planned a long-established shoe brand founded in Austria in 1885 by the royal family. In addition, we have been involved in the design of various shoes, including designing and planning for many maison brands around the world.
Our representative work is a training shoe of the German army which was discontinued in 1994 and was not used. This is called the German trainer, and we used the wooden molds, soles, and materials we used in the past and used the machines of the time to carry on the traditional recipe. We have successfully commercialized the world's first reprinted German trainer.



For more than half a century since our founding in 1942, Tanaka Universal has been able to interact with customers around the world through shoes. By wearing our shoes, we believe that we continued to deliver fashion, lifestyle, culture and the creator's feelings.
We will continue to respect the passion of everyone involved in the shoe making process and continue to work with all our customers as a company that constantly provides valuable products and services.